about us

our motto

it's more important to know 'HOW YOU LEARN' rather than 'WHAT YOU LEARN'.

our mission

we are ready to assist with either building solutions for your business or clients &/or just teaching you about relevant system technologies to maximise operating efficiency within your business.

with over 35 years of combined professional experience in the software development for the computing industry / telephony industries and 30 years within major tertiary institutions, we strive to provide the best possible advice and solutions for your information technology needs. our motivation is to support parties of interest with expert advice ranging from office applications to professional project management and software development ranging from standalone applications (mobile / PC / WEB) to complex eCommerce websites (creation / maintenance / integration).

our commitment

this image describes nicely what is occurring in society now

teachers regulating thoughts

we will NEVER let this happen here, 'open your mind'

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